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Agricultural subsidies for the purchase of more than a thousand households to benefit farmers

in order to further the implementation of farm machinery purchase subsidy policy, the farmers as soon as possible to enjoy the national agricultural subsidies benefit, Datong County intensify policy propaganda, agricultural mechanization showing subsidies benefit, benefit farmers continued to increase, the mechanization level significantly improve the new situation. 2012 issued by the Datong County farm […]

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Poverty alleviation and development industry cultivation to promote hematopoietic poverty alleviatio

Since last year, our province to support the precise poverty of the masses to improve the ability of development and increase the income for the purpose, in accordance with the "build the park, leading industries, expanding support base, increase efficiency, with agriculture (animal husbandry) households" ideas, put forward to build the county as a unit […]

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Boost the confidence of going all out to ensure the completion of economic and social development ob

4 month 20 days to 21 days, in accordance with the unified arrangements of the provincial government, the Provincial Standing Committee and executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong, the provincial government led the first research steering group in Haibei Prefecture economic operation, increase employment, environmental protection, poverty alleviation, transformation of government functions and other key work […]

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North District CPPCC members visited the region’s development of the cause of the disabled

is a comprehensive understanding of "law" protection of persons with disabilities in the implementation of scientific development, promote the region’s disabled, October 24th, district CPPCC organized some CPPCC members to conduct special inspections of the disabled career development. Duan Wanrong, deputy governor of the district government, district CPPCC Vice Chairman, Cui Shuangshuang, participated in the […]

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City leaders and grassroots party members to celebrate the 71

"71" on the same day, Wang Xiaohe of secretary of municipal Party Committee Standing Committee and other members of the Municipal People’s Congress and CPPCC responsible comrades came to Huangyuan County, visit the small pavilion Gaoling spirit, visit condolences difficulties of Party members and old party members and cordial discussion, to celebrate the birthday of […]

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Our city renovation junk market traffic

The city of Ledu Road, road and mutual "flea market" surrounding the long-term traffic order confusion, especially along Ledu Road on both sides of the road vehicle Luantingluanfang phenomenon is serious, therefore, the city traffic police detachment of a brigade joint within the jurisdiction of the 10 members of the unit were concentrated on the […]

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